Monday, November 3, 2014

Day Three: Let's Talk About Charlie!

Charlotte Aoibheann Ridley, also known as Charles Ridley, best know as Charlie. Charlie's story opens with a storm, but it really began with the death of her father. Her mother having passed some years prior, she is left with only her older brother Eamon to rely on. Eamon decides to pursue his acceptance to the Academy of Magic in Prussia, and so the two are bound for the Continent near the beginning of the storm season.

Tragedy strikes again when their ship is caught in a storm and her brother is washed overboard.
She's washed ashore on a lonely beach she doesn't at first recognize and for her own safety, decides to undertake the pretense of being a boy. 

Charlie finds herself on the isle of Lochlan, the Northern most isle in the Empire, and home to Lochlan Academy, where some of the finest officers in all of Eire are trained. 

Charlie's passion has always been the sword. She's always loved riding and fighting--and playing pranks on her brother. With a temper and a sharp tongue, she never really felt as though she fit into the life of a lady. When the opportunity not to be a lady is presented--Charlie leaps on it. With vague wording in her father's Will and unknown aid from an accomplice, Charlie becomes Charles and tries to put tragedy behind her.

Charlie isn't just some hot-tempered swordswoman, she's also quite bright and her instincts and tenacity lend themselves to another line of work--that of a Shadow Hand, a spy in service to the Crown. Though it was not in her plans, Charlie falls into the role with ease. She enjoys unraveling puzzles and catching people in lies. 

Of course, she's going to have to try very hard not to get caught in a lie herself.

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