Tuesday, July 2, 2019


So, the time has come. Sheena and I are moving.

To Seattle.

Yeah. It's a big move and it comes on the heels of a visit we had to Portland to see some of my family. I've been pushing for the PNW for a few years now, partly because of family and partly because I've just wanted to get out of the state we're in.

In more ways than one, really. We need a change. A change in location. A change in lifestyle. We'll be moving away from some things and some people we truly care about, but I know this is for the best. There's no more room for either of us to grow in our careers staying in Ohio.

The Plan:

We're getting rid of nearly all of our furniture via donation, sale or fire. We've pared down the books and may continue to do so. Craft supplies are next on the chopping block. Ideally, we want to take a single small moving truck of belongings with us.

I've been calling it the "clothes and cats" move, because those are the fairly essential things. We'll be holding a house sale in August for those of you close enough to stop in and relieve us of some stuff. Desks, chairs, lamps, books, crafting materials...there's going to be an assortment. Book shelves.

We've even decided to sell a car, to help fund the move.

After everything that can be sold is sold and we get rid of the remainder, we'll be packing up our lives and driving to Washington State to start anew come September. 

There are friends and family waiting on the other side for us in this adventure.

I can't wait to get started.