Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Coming November First!

About Me

Having traditionally published in the past, I am well aware of the trials, tribulations and time it can take to get a book ready for print. Luckily, I've got the books written so now it's just a matter of editing, formatting and all of that laborious stuff that makes sure the book is as good as it can be.
My goal is to independently publish the first two books in what I intend to be a trilogy. I'm planning on an e-book release in all formats as well as a small run of one hundred for both books in paperback. I'm the one in charge of the cover art and I've contracted a wonderful editor.
I'm hoping you folks will help me with that. Of course, now you want to know what these books are about.

Rule of Sword

An orphaned girl takes her supposedly dead brother's place to become an officer in the Queen's army, only to end up a spy instead.

Fourteen-year-old  Charlotte Ridley is shipwrecked, and while she loses her last surviving relative, elder brother Eamon, she gains the chance of a lifetime. Washed ashore on the island of Lochlan, home to the Crown's Lochlan Officer Academy, Charlotte takes on a new identity as the last male heir of the Ridley line.

As Charles, she trains hard to become the officer she always wanted to be--and the spy she never dreamed she could be. With war on the horizon the pressure mounts, Charlotte is going to have to decide if she will take to the field of battle or step into a world filled with shadows.

Rule of Shadow picks up where Rule of Sword leaves off, and unfortunately saying too much about it gives away a huge bit of plot for the first book, so I'll keep mum for now.
I know it can be difficult to back something without getting an idea of what it is first, and with books you want a preview. So, for you reading pleasure I do have Chapter One of Rule of Sword available to read for everyone.

What will happen if we make more than our goal? 

$5000 - I'm going to order up interior illustrations and build a website for the series. All backers at $20 and up will receive high resolution copies of all of the art we make for the interiors.

 $6,500 - we'll be able to expand the print run and upgrade the top two backer levels to signed hard covers. All backers at $20 and up will receive high resolution copies of the original watercolor portraits of Charlie, some of which are here on the page and a few others I have squirreled away. Backers at the $50 level and up will get prints of the interior illustrations.

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