Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Our Mother

Her name a curse dropped quick from their lips.
Rising from blood[ dripped down ]from darkened fingertips.
Eyes that flashed a thousand stars.
The bloodiest, bloodiest, damned of them all.

She was me.
She was my sister, my mother. 
She was everyone and no one.

Burned like ash and rising from flames.
The witch the world could not shame.
We are one. And none.
Bloody and broken.
Billions of souls and one terrible truth.

This is the woman who rose from the mud.
The woman who scraped and fought for her blood.
We are all her and she is us.
Together we stand, bathed in her love.

This Eve. This Lilith. This Mother of All. She is our monster. Our goddess. Our all.

And with her we stand.
As sisters. As women.

She is our mother, our sister.
Barren or not.
She is our sister, our mother.
Regardless of birth.

She is our sister, our mother—because she says she is.

And our mother, our mother, bloody and tall, she watches and watches.
And watches us all.

 - AKA

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