Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy Me Day

Today I celebrate my birthday. Well, celebrate is a strong word. So far today I have slept in, cuddled with my usually prickly cat, watched the rain, had a cup of good tea and answered well-wishers on the FB.

My dear friend gave me the 1944 Random House edition of the Collected Works of Edgar Allen Poe, in green. I love green. The conservator in me couldn't help noting the water damage on the spine and the dusty-slight-mildew aroma. But I can fix that.

On the whole it's in good condition, perfectly readable with some interesting etchings inside. I'm not precisely sure how I'm going to spend my day, but I've got a coupon for a free popcorn and the local ice cream place gives a free scoop to birthday celebrators so... Free stuff could be the way to go.

Of course, my biggest hope for today is the one thing all authors wish for. A yes.

I would like a yes for my birthday. A positive. A little thing to show me that the past two weeks of misery are coming to an end.

Also cake.

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